Members by Countries


Khedidja Allia

      • Research        Director, Laboratoire des Sciences du  Génie des Procédés        Industriels (LSGPI) – FGMGP – USTHB, Alger, Algeria


Maryam Dashti

      • Managing        Director, Aljawhara Hospital for Fertility and Genetic Diagnosis,        Centre for Molecular Medicine, Genetics and Inherited Diseases, Bahrain
      • Assistant        prof., Department of molecular Medicine, College of Medicine,        Arabian Gulf University, Bahrain


Carolyn Ells


Abdallah Ali Mahmoud

      • Project        Manager, Assiut University, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Egypt

Ahmed Awadalla

      • Researcher in        Civil Liberties Program, Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, Egypt
      • Coordinator,        Y-Peer Egypt
      • Blog:

Ahmed Bendary

      • Physician,        Menoufia University Hospital, Egypt
      • Ambassador,        Young Entrepreneur Center, Egypt

Ahmed Ragaa Abdel-Hameed Ragab 

      • Senior        Consultant
      • Professor of        Reproductive Health, Al-Azhar University

Aisha Hussein Abou Zeid

      • Professor of        Pharmacognosy in the Pharmacognosy Department, National Research Centre,        Egypt

Amal Mokhtar Abdel Raouf

      • Senior        Researcher, Agricultural Research Center, Animal Health Research        Institute, Virology Department, Egypt

Amany El-Sharif

      • Assistant        Professor of Microbiology & Immunology in the Faculty of Pharmacy,        Al-Azhar University, Egypt
      • Trainer at        Naqaae, Egypt
      • Member in the        Women Committee at Al-Ahly Club, Egypt

Amr Radwan

      • Egypt NCP for        Health, People & Science in Society Office, Egyptian National STI Network,        Academy of Scientific Research and Technology, RDIN Focal Point

Ayman Batisha

      • General        Manager of Arab Sustainability Council, Egypt

Azza Saleh Radwan

Bahaa Darwish

      • Professor of        Philosophy, Minia University
      • Founding        member of the International Association for Education in Ethics (IAEE)

Dalia Abdelhameed Ali

      • Gender and        Women’s Rights Officer in the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights        (EIPR), Egypt

Ekram El-Shabrawy

  • UNESCO Member of International Bioethics Committee (IBC)
  •  Chairman of Research   Bioethical Committee Faculty of Medicine, Beni-Suef University

Fathia Ali Mohamed Gawish

      • Professor of        Medical Malacology in Theodor Bilharz Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt

Fathia Zaki El Sharkawi

      • Associated        Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Pharmacy,        Helwan University, Egypt
      • Head of        Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Helwan University, Egypt

Fairouz Mohammed Youssif

      • Associate        Researcher Professor, Central Veterinary Research Lab. Center, Animal        Ressources Research Corporation, Egypt

Ghada Zaghloul Abbas Soliman

      • Assistant        Professor in the National Nutrition Institute, Egypt

Gamal I. Serour

      • Prof. of        OB/GYN and Director International Islamic Center for Population        Studies and Research, Al Azhar University
      • Clinical Director,        The Egyptian IVF&ET Center, Maadi, Egypt
      • FIGO Immediate Past President

Gihan Abouzeid

Gihan Fouad

      • Fellow of        Pediatric, Egypt
      • Quality        Manager & Infection Control Specialist
      • Certified        Lactation Consultant in National Nutrition Institute, Egypt

Hafika Nasser

      • Professor of        Public Health & Nutrition in the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo        University, Egypt
      • National        Coordinator of the Medical Women International Association, Egypt
      • Website        :

Hala Taher Othman Radwan

      • Clinical        Instructor in the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, Egypt

Hanan Samir Salah El-Din Ali Ibrahim

      • Assistant        Researcher on Plant Biotechnology and Cyto-Genetics, National Research        Centre, Egypt

Heba Fawzy Mohamed Hozyen

      • Veterinarian,        Cairo, Egypt
      • Assistant        Researcher in the National Research Center (NRC), Egypt

Heba Habib

      • Psychiatry        Consultant, Cairo, Egypt
      • Board member        of the Psychological Health & Awareness Society in Egypt (P.H.A.S.E)
      • Projects        Director, P.H.A.S.E, Cairo, Egypt
      • Head of        P.H.A.S.E Communication and Public Relation Committee

Hemat Elsayed Allam

  • Vice Chair, Conference UNIT, National Research Centre , Egypt
  • Associate professor of, Complementary medicine department , National Research Centre

Jenny Jeehan Nasr

      • Doctor (Ph. D.        in pharmaceutical analytical chemistry)
      • Assistant        professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy, Mansoura University, Egypt

Laila Kamal

      • Executive Coordinator, Regional Documentation and Information Center for Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology / Academy of Scientific Research and Technology

Mahmoud Omar

Manal H. Abu El Ela

      • Assistant        Professor of Public Health, Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Egypt
      • Dean of        Medical Bio statistics Unit, Research Institute of        Ophthalmology, Egypt

Manal Hamdy Mohamed Khafagi

      • Researcher,        National Research Centre, Egypt
      • PHD. on        Veterinary Virology science

May Mattar

      • Professor of        Childhood Studies, National Nutrition Institute, Egypt
      • Head of        Nutrition Requirements and Growth Department, National Nutrition        Institute, Egypt

Mervat Elgharieb

      • Certified        Trainer of Health Research Ethics, Maryland University, USA
      • Professor of        Ophthalmology, Suez Canal University, Faculty of Medicine, Egypt
      • Member of REC,        FOM, SCU, Ismailia, Egypt
      • Member of        Research Ethics Council, Academy of Scientific Research and Technology        (ASRT), Egypt
      • Member of         the Regional Documentation and Information Center for Bioethics        and Ethics of Science and Technology (RDIC-BEST), Egypt
      • Member of        Supreme National Committee for Ethics of Organ Transplantation
      • Founder of        Bioethics Curriculum for Medical Students, SCU, Egypt
      • Reviewer at        SSP (Special Studies and Programes), Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt
      • Member of        Science Supercourse (SSC), Bibliotheca Alexandrina, Egypt

Mervat Foda

      • Professor of        Dairy Science Dept., Food Industry and Nutrition Division, National        Research Center, Egypt

Mohamed A. Abdelbaqy

      • Researcher in        Alexandria Regional Centre for Women’s Health and Development
      • Specialist in        Public Health and Epidemiology, Egypt

Mona A. M. Abo-Zeid

      • Researcher of        Cytogenetics, Genetics and Cytology Department, Genetic Engineering        and Biotechnology Division, Center of Excellence for Advanced Sciences,        National Research Center, Egypt

Nabila Abd El Maksoud

      • Researcher in        Biochemistry Depatment, National Research Centre, Egypt

Nader Ahmed Morsi Ismail

      • Researcher in        R&D in VACSERA (holding company for biological products and        vaccines), Egypt

Nagwa Abdel Meguid

      • Prof of Human        Genetics and Neurodevelopmental Disorders in the National Research        Centre, Egypt

Nawal A. Fouad

      • Professor of        Community Healt in the Faculty of Nursing, Cairo University, Egypt

Nayera El-Morsi Hassan

      • Consultant of        Pediatrics, Cairo, Egypt
      • Professor of        Biological Anthropology, National Research Centre, Egypt
      • Head of        Biological Anthropology Department, Medical Division, National Reasearch        Centre, Egypt

Ola Al-Ghazawy

      • Freelance        science journalist based in Cairo, Egypt
      • Writing for several        online newspaper such as and Nature Middle East

Ola Laurence

      • Director of        the Egyptian National Scientific & Technical Information Network        (ENSTINET), Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT),        Egypt
      • Egypt National        Contact Point for Science in Society

Orio Ikebe

      • Programme        specialist, Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology in the Arab        Region, UNESCO Cairo Office

Osama Azmy

      • Prof. of        Obstetrics and Gynecology, National Research Centre, Egypt
      • Head of        Reproductive Healh Research Department, National Research Centre, Egypt

Reda Mohamed Yehia Morsi

      • Assistant        Professor in the Food Technology Research Institute, Agricultural        Research Center, Cairo, Egypt

Reham Ahmed

      • Researcher in        the Ministry of Social Solidarity, Egypt

Rokia Abd Elshafy Soliman El Banna

      • Professor of        Biological Anthropology in the National Research Centre, Egypt

Rokaya Hussein Ahmed Shalaby

      • Professor of        Molecular Biology and Cytogenetic in Women’s Faculty of Arts, Science        and Education, Cairo University, Egypt

Sahar El-Masry

      • Professor        Research of Biological Anthropology, National Research Centre, Egypt

Sahar Kheiry

      • Assistant        Professor of Pediatrics in the National Nutrition Institute, Egypt

Sally Mashaly

      • Clinical        Research Associate in Antaea Medical Services Ltd, Egypt

Salma Ahmed El-Sawi

      • Pharmacist,        Cairo, Egypt
      • Professor in        National Research Centre, Cairo, Egypt

Salwa A. Elkawi

      • Assistant        Professor of Medical Biophysics, Biophysics and Laser Science Unit,        Vision Science Department, Research Institute of Ophthalmology, Giza,        Egypt

Sanaa Botros

      • Professor of        Pharmacology in the Theodor Bilharz Research Institute (TBRI), Ministry        of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Cairo, Egypt
      • Coordinator of        FP7 THEBERA project, Egypt
      • Chair of TBRI        IRB, Egypt

 Sara Ahmed Hanafy

      • Public Health        Specialist and Epidemiologist
      • Health        Research Program Officer at the Alexandria Regional Centre for Women’s        Health and Development, Alexandria, Egypt

Sherine Farrag

      • Associate        Prof. of Biomedical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering, MTI        University, Cairo, Egypt

Tarek Abdel Samei Abdel Aleem

      • Board        Member of the Community Development Assembly of Al        Hawata, Egypt

Thoraya Ahmed Mohamed

      • Professor of        Community Medicine in the Faculty of Medicine for Girls, Al Azhar University,        Egypt

Walaa Shabaan Elsayed Gado

      • Researcher in        the Academy of Scientific Research & Technology (ASRT), Egypt
      • Professor in        the Faculty of Science, Kafr El-Sheikh University, Egypt

Mohamed Nabwy Allam

  • Member of the “Board of Trustees of the Revolution”

Saber Mohamed Abd-Allah


Nils Fischer


Judit Sandor

      • Director of        the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine, Hungary
      • Professor, Central        European University (CELAB), Budapest, Hungary


Manal Bouhaimed

      • Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Ethics, Department of Community Medicine and Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine,  Kuwait
      • Coordinator of Medical Ethics Programs, Health Science Center, Kuwait University
      • Chairperson, Ethics Committee in the Middle East African Council of Ophthalmology
      • Member, International Bioethics Committee (IBC), UNESCO
      • Member, Advisory Board of the International Council of Ophthalmology (ICO)


Thalia Arawi  

      • Director of        Salim El-Hoss Bioethics & Professionalism Program
      •  Clinical        Bioethicist
      • Vice Chair of        Medical Center Ethics Committee
      • Medical Ethics        Course Coordinator at the Faculty of Medicine of the American        University of Beirut, Lebanon

Adnan Mroueh

      • Prof. American University of Beirut


Nouzha Guessous Idrissi

      • Honorary        Professor at Casablanca University (Morocco)
      •  Researcher        and consultant in bioethics and human rights
      •  Member        of the ALECSO Ethics Committee
      • Former chair        of the UNESCO International Bioethics Committee (2005-2007)


Salwa Massad

      • Assistant        Professor of Bioethics for Nursing and Nutrition, BirZeit University,        Palestine

Salwa Najjab 

Tafeeda Jarbawi

      • Director General        of Welfare Association, Rammallah, Palestine


Khalid Alali

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Ghaiath Mohamed Abbas Hussein

      • Assistant        Professor of medical ethics in the Faculty of Medicine of King        Fahad Medical City, Riyadh, KSA
      • Blog:


Saleh Fawaz

      • Member of the        UNESCO International Bioethics Committee
      • Member and        General Secretary of the Syrian Bioethics Committee
      • Professor of        Bioethics and Law, Damascus University


Majed Zemni


Mohamed Abdullah Hadi

Huda Basaleem

  • Head, Dept. Community Medicine and Public Health
  • Director, Aden Cancer Registry and Research Center
  • Director General, Yemeni Women Association for Women in Science and Technology  for Development

Hussun Saeed Jezan

    • Medical doctor, Aden University
    • Specialist diploma in Pathology, University of Addis Ababa
    • Neuropathology, University of Vienna .Klinisches Institute Fur Neurologie
    • Honorary Diploma for scientific work, University of Budapest

Khaled Al- Sakkaf

  • Associate Vice President for Faculty Affair
  • Qatar University
  • Ph.D. in Human Genetics from Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL. USA

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