The concept of bioethics is still new in the Arab region but in recent years, its importance has been rapidly recognized in health care system, health care professionals, researchers and medical education. Bioethics concerns with all ethical issues raised in advanced medical treatments and scientific research involving human being and bio-samples therefore bioethical considerations should be given to all human beings and they should treated equal and fare.

Nevertheless, some medical issues raise ethical concerns especially involving women for example in relation to reproductive rights and health. There are also a number of issues which needs consideration on cultural and religious context that are associated with sexuality such as the child rearing, female genital mutilation. In some cultural context, there is a concern that women’s integrity is compromised over the interest of the family or the community especially in case of infertility treatments and organ donation.

The Bioethics Network on Women’s Issues in the Arab region is initiated by UNESCO Cairo Office and experts in the region in view of opening a dialogue on ethical issues surrounding women’s health and welfare in the Arab region and to establish a network among experts and institutions working on these issues in the region and outside the region. Urgent issues to be addressed will be recognized and the activities to promote bioethics in women’s healthcare should be encouraged in the region.

The network will be open to experts and institutions working on related issues as well as anybody who is interested in these issues.

How to join the Network


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