Egg donor compensation in UK

(posted by Thalia Arawi on 21 October)

Egg donor compensation is to triple under new HFEA guidelines By Jane Hughes & James Gallagher BBC News The UK’s fertility watchdog has agreed to triple the compensation given to women who donate eggs to help infertile couples to have a child.


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Since 2007 Orio Ikebe is a focal point for UNESCO's Bioethics and Ethics of Science and Technology projects in the Arab Region working in the UNESCO Cairo Office.
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One Response to Egg donor compensation in UK

  1. Orio Ikebe says:

    Compensation for gamete donation (sperm or eggs) either for fertility treatment or research is a tricky one. More or less universally agreed principle is that organ donation (including gametes) should not raise financial gains but some compensation such as being absence from work, traveling to the clinic and experiencing physical discomfort can be permitted.

    This is to prevent financial incentives for donating human organs however, like in the case of UK clinics with Romanian clilnics reported in 2004, unclear payment of “reasonable expenses” may lead to egg trafficking and women in developing countries will face the risk to be exploited.

    In the Arab countries, egg donations for fertility treatments are not permitted however, similar problems are reported for organ donations such as kidney donations.

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